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Waukegan Roofing Project Featured in Roofing Magazine

Roofing Magazine

Waukegan Roofing has completed some interesting projects over the years. In the current issue of Roofing, The Industry’s Voice, the publication highlights a recent Waukegan Roofing project at Ressurection Health Care in Wheeling, IL.

Roofing Example

Ressurection Health Center, Wheeling, IL

This project featured an existing building where their existing roof system, a coal-tar pitch and gravel roof system, was installed directly on the roof deck WITHOUT insulation and underlayment. Waukegan Roofing came in and completed a re-roof project that included two layers of flat polyisocyanurate insulation with a combined R-value of 25 (required by the Village of Wheeling), followed by white thermoplastic single-ply roof with a 15-year limited warranty.

Every project we work on is unique in its own way, whether it’s an occupied building with restrictions on work hours to a warehouse with saplings growing on the roof. To have a Waukegan Roofing project featured in a nationally distributed magazine has us feeling both honored and excited.

Thank you for the recognition Roofing, The Industry’s Voice!

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