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Importance of Rood Maintenance: Do You Need It?

Once the building process is completed, most building owners (and homeowners) don’t think about their roofs again. That is until it leaks or breaks down. This is avoidable though with realizing the importance of roof maintenance.

If you care for the longevity of your roof, roof maintenance is necessary. Maintenance should be done on your roof at least once a year to help prevent common issues, like roof leaks and damages from natural causes. This will help prolong your roof's life expectancy and live or conduct business more comfortably. 

Both businesses and homeowners with roofs should do everything they can to prevent leaks. This is why below we dig deeper into the importance of roof maintenance and how to prevent leaks and damage.

Here are steps you can take to prevent roof leaks:

Know Your Roofs Current Condition

No, seriously…what’s up with your roof? The most important thing you can do for roof maintenance is to know the present condition of your Roof System.

Did you know that when your building was new, the roof cost was only 5% of the total construction cost? If the one building component that keeps the other 95% of your building dry fails, think of how much your business would be impacted by that. Production lines shut down. Inventory ruined. Productivity reduced. Water damage. It’s a total nightmare, really.

Roof Maintenance

How often do you change your oil in your car? Every 3000 or 5000 miles? If you never changed your oil in your car and then had a problem, would the manufacturer cover that blown engine? No.

Well, it’s the same thing with a roof system! Manufacturers require in the warranty that a Professionally Licensed Roofing Contractor – approved by the manufacturer of your roof system – perform Annual maintenance on your Roof. Failure to adhere to the terms of the warranty could actually void it, leaving you unprotected with a sieve for a roof.

Annual or Bi-annual maintenance does a number of things:

  • Keep drains clean and debris off the roof surface which keeps water from pooling on your roof causing weight overload
  • Identifies potential problems that may let water into your building, causing damage to the insulation, metal decking and your inventory
  • Informs you of the present condition of your roof
  • Estimates the life expectancy of your roof system
  • Provides the opportunity for you to budget for major repair or replacement

But researchers HAVE found it for your roof, and it’s as simple as Roof Maintenance! Research by RCI (Roof Consultants Institute) indicates that roof maintenance could extend roof life by as much as 50%. That’s like being 60, and having the energy of a 30-year-old! Wow!

Have a professional Roofing Contractor survey your roof regularly – annually, bi-annually, semi-annually or monthly. The technician should provide you with a written report as to the age of the system, including any available historical data and what deficiencies are observed now. Further, they will detail what repairs and maintenance are required today, and will recommend future service projections.

In order to optimize the life expectancy and performance of your roof, Maintenance and Inspections should be performed in the spring in order to check the condition of the roof system after exposure to the winter elements. Fall Maintenance and Inspections are important to determine the roof condition prior to winter and to allow time for the proper repairs to be made to limit leak possibilities.

Final Thoughts

So, take control. Put a Service and Maintenance Plan in place with a reputable licensed Roofing Contractor. These comprehensive evaluations can help you plan for what’s to come, and take actions to prevent catastrophes and to extend the life of the roof system. With replacement costs increasing, and budgets tightening, a small Bi- annual investment will extend the service life of the system, and will push off the Major expense of a roof replacement.

Because let’s face it: the only place Mother Nature should be is on the other side of that roof.

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