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NRCA's 2014 National Roofing Week A Success

Waukegan Roofing took part in the July 6-12, 2014, first annual NRCA National Roofing Week, and by all accounts it was a huge success.

The importance of your roof often gets swept aside by homeowners and business owners alike. Rarely do we take notice of the system that is continuously working above our heads - that is, we don't think about it until the system fails.

In an ongoing campaign to raise awareness for not only the importance of maintaining your roof, but also the important role professional, licensed Roofing Contractors play in the world, the NRCA launched an annual awareness week. The goal of the group is to advocate for the professional roofing industry, and through fun events like the "Everybody Needs a Roof" Children's Art Contest and national press coverage, National Roofing Week 2014 did just that.

During the week, NRCA Members came together to bring attention to the importance of the roof as a system, as well as helped to shed light on why hiring a professional, licensed Roofing Contractor and making informed decisions about roof maintenance or replacement should be a priority for ALL building owners.

But education wasn't the only focus of the group's annual event. It was also a chance for roofing professionals to thank the communities they serve by coming together and giving back.

This year, NRCA Members worked as one to repair portions of the roof system for LYDIA Home Association, a Chicago-based non-profit dedicated to helping troubled children and their families, including housing for at-risk kids, in addition to collecting donations for the LYDIA Home Association.

Waukegan Roofing partnered with several of their peers to complete the much-needed repairs to the roof, flashings and drains for the organization. "Waukegan Roofing is honored to have been asked to participate in this community outreach," said Bruce Diederich, owner. "Every year, we make it a priority to help those in need in the communities we service. This is a good cause, and part of our Give Back Program."

Now, NRCA is planning on building on the success of 2014's National Roofing Week. National Roofing Week 2015 is already scheduled for July 5-11, 2015 and will likely include another art contest and public education endeavors, as well as another community outreach project.

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