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Not All Roofing Contractors Are Created Equal - What to Look For When Searching for a Roofing Contractor

We all know that some organizations are better than others at their given specialization.

Take, for example, your car. If money was no object, you would get the very best car you could get for your dollar. You would look at the comfortability and how it handles, the gas mileage or its carbon footprint. You'd likely study the warranty. And of course, there's the aesthetics of the vehicle, because let's be honest, we all want a car that looks good too. You may even look at reviews and ask people you know for recommendations as you do your research. But if money was truly not a concern, you likely wouldn't pick a Yugo over a Cadillac, for example.

This division of talent isn't exclusive to the car industry. Each and every industry has those that excel and those that, well, don't. So it stands to reason that not all roofing contractors are created equal.

There are those that are consistently recognized by the leading manufacturers and trade organizations as being at the top of their craft. And then there are those that stop answering the phones once your job is complete. And just like your car, you get what you pay for with roofing contractors. The lowest price isn't always the best option - and often times ends up NOT being the lowest price in the long-run.

We know, we know...we probably sound like a broken record, but we really can't stress enough just how important it is to do your homework before you hire a roofing contractor for your commercial or industrial space.

But how do you really know what you're getting before you sign that contract? Just what are you supposed to look for when you search for a roofing contractor?

These tips from the NRCA are spot-on for what to look for when searching for a roofing contractor. Be mindful of this list as you conduct your search for your perfect low-slope and steep-slope roofing contractor, because let's face it, a roof is a big-ticket item. This isn't something you want to take a gamble on just to save a few bucks.

Selecting An NRCA Professional Roofing Contractor (Low-Slope Commercial)

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