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Roofing Magazine Features Waukegan Roofing in May/June 2014 Issue

Just got our May/June issue of Roofing Magazine, a national publication that "unravels, investigates and analyzes how to properly design, install and maintain a roof system" (www.roofingmagazine.com). This newest issue is chock full of some tasty morsels - some of which we will feature here in the next few weeks.

But our favorite part of this issue? The feature on page 66.

Christina Koch has written a fantastic piece on Waukegan Roofing and all the amazing coincidences that we have uncovered while doing our research for our firm's 100th Anniversary this year.

We've heard it said that "some things are just destined to be" (J.R. Ward). Well, nothing could be truer for Bruce Diederich and Waukegan Roofing.

The third son of C.E. (Phil) and Gloria Diederich, Diederich began his roofing career at the bottom and worked his way up. Starting out as a shingler at his father's roofing company after completing high school, Diederich could never have guessed that one day he would be at the helm of one of the top Roofing Contractors in the Chicago area, and yet it does appear that all roads led him to this point.

Take, for example, his father's nickname - Phil. Not very common back in the day. Then, when Diederich and his wife had their own son, they named him Phillip in honor of Diederich's father. In fact, the younger Diederich, Phil, runs the Residential Division at Waukegan Roofing. As we were doing our research on the history of the company, we discovered that Waukegan Roofing used to be based on Phillipa Avenue in Waukegan. That's an interesting coincidence - or the first step towards a predestined future for Diederich that started at his birth.

Oh, there's more to this story, but we don't want to be a spoiler. It really is amazing how this all lined up though. You really need to read it to believe it.

Thank you to Roofing Magazine for highlighting our accomplishment in such a prestigious way.

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